Weight Loss Meal Plans

Have you ever heard of excessive or overeating; in broad terms it means that you are consuming more calories than your body can burn easily in a day and the extra calories pile up and soon you are overweight. You may ask how many calories a human body needs. Human body generally needs 2,000 calories roughly to maintain a healthy life style. The calorie intake also depends on your basic metabolic rate, the level of physical activity you undertake, and the type of food you generally eat. It stands to reason that if you binge on high junk food regularly and flop down on a couch and watch television for long hours than you pile up ungainly weight on all parts of your body. There are weight loss meals plans, which when coupled with fat burning exercises would help you to keep a healthy body weight.

Weight loss meal plans depend on how much weight you want to lose. Let us say your goal is to lose 8 kgs in a month, than you plan your food intake accordingly. Weight loss meal plans include proteins, carbohydrates and green vegetables as they are necessary for a healthy life style. However, all the food items included are low in fat and high in fiber and vitamins. There are weight loss meal plans for a week, fifteen days or a month. The calorie intake is roughly divided between regular meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. A breakfast under the plan may aim for 250 to 300 calories, and may include, fruit and milk; a banana smoothie is a good example. The lunch under the plan is low calorie (300-350) as well, and may contain vegetables, whole grains and lean meat, chicken or fish and fruits, cooked in olive oil. The dinner again is low calorie meal, and contains roughly 400 calories. Thus the calorie intake is less than usual and if you increase the physical activity level the weight loss is guaranteed.

If you are drawing up a weight loss meal plan than include variety of food items in the plan, different lean meat, varieties of fruits and vegetable, low calorie bread, pita and multi grain, low fat milk and yoghurts. Eating boring food is not the goal, eating healthy food and losing weight is the goal.


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