Fat Burning Exercises

To keep you body lean and youthful include fat burning exercises in the exercise regime.  Along with healthy diet, and regular exercise, it is advisable to do some fat burning exercises as well.  You may ask why we need to do fat burning exercises as well if we have a keep fit regime. The answer is easy; flab on your body accumulates on hips and stomach and it is very difficult to get rid of it, despite a rigorous diet and exercise regime.  Do not despair there are several exercises which are specially designed to burn flab and make you look fit and lean. 

Some of fat burning exercises do not need regular equipment and can be done anywhere; however, for others you need to join a regular gym.  A short list of fat burning exercises given below are very popular with both men and women, and considered power packed fat burners:


  • Park your car some distance away and walk to your destination.  Take steps instead of elevator.
  • Lift weights, it helps in sculpting of the body and also provides foundation for further exercises.
  • Do power walking, that means walking at brisk pace or walking uphill.
  • Do rock climbing or rowing.  You can use rowing machine in a gym.  Both activities are good calories burners.
  • Go for cross country biking or use an exercise bike in the gym.
  • Running on a track or on treadmill is a  good fat burner
  • Do cardio kickboxing or hip hop abs workout; both are fast fat burners.
  • Do interval training; increase the intensity of your regular workout for a short period, e.g. alternate heavy activity with lighter activity.  You can alternatively walk and jog or increase the days or time you are exercising. 
  • Do crunches and reverse crunches, it helps to burn fat from your midriff.

It is a good idea to include fat burning exercises in our daily workout because some regular exercises are not enough to reduce the stubborn flab, accumulated over a long period of sedentary lifestyle and you need to do spot reducing exercises to reduce it.


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